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Four piece tableware set in Greige

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This tableware set is made from a stoneware/grey clay mix.They are unglazed, polished and sealed with a ceramic liquid quartz sealer which infuses itself to the surface protecting it whilst leaving the natural property of the clay to be the focus.

Small plate:

Size | Diameter 16cm Height 1.5cm

Dinner plate:

Size | Diameter 23cm Height 2cm

Breakfast/soup bowl:

Size | Diameter 17cm Height 5.5cm

Pasta/salad bowl:

Size | Diameter 21cm Height 4.5cm

Each piece is hand thrown which means there maybe slight variations in texture, color and size.

All items are dishwasher and food safe, howeverI recommend washing by hand.

A quick wipe over with olive oil will help enhance and protect their natural appearance.

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